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The Freelanders Group is one of eight main Role Playing Groups within the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World (DR PSW) environment of Dragonmount.

The PSW is an alternative world based on the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novel, that has been created for the amusement and entertainment of fans that love to Role Play. For copyright reasons we use an alternative world for our Role Playing activities, with strict rules concerning the direction, the characters and the overall storyline. This can seem tedious at first, but being fans of the books none of us want to be part of anything that might damage the original creation of Robert Jordan even in the slightest. So we take these restrictions in stride. To ensure a maximum level of enjoyment, the RP Staff works very hard to provide a framework that encompasses all eventualities while at the same time guard the quality of the PSW in general, so that the experience becomes a positive one for everyone involved. Needless to say that this is a work in constant progress, for which we need the positive cooperation of our members.

As such, you will discover subtle differences throughout the Groups at the PSW from the ones you know from the books. We ask that you respect these differences but at the same time invite you to ask any questions that you may have if something is unclear.

More information on this can be found on the PSW forum boards.

This site, however, is dedicated to the Freelanders Group, which is divided into 7 Guilds.

How to use this site

The right menu gives access to the more general information that covers either the entirety of the PSW or the Freelanders (regardless of Guild).

The left menu gives more specific and detailed information on the various Guilds and their individual guidelines.

Every new member to the PSW environment should familiarize themselves with the general information as well as with the specific guidelines for the Groups or Guilds their characters belong to. This will ensure a smooth and carefree integration of both roleplayer and character into the existing groups.


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