Day 1: What’s all this?

Friday, 14 March 2014.

The first day with my new pup and as every true newbie I don’t take my eyes off him for a minute. After a fantastic night I wonder what today will bring. But first things first, to Hachiko to get my leash. Tinne arrives as I obediently wait in front of the gate till 9am. She quickly shows me the ‘walk on the leash’ technique and then we’re off. Direction office but first a pit-stop at the park. Ducks, geeze, pigeons, chickens, birds, woohoo!

As befits a newbie I completely forgot my camera in the car so you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that Mister Whitey was complétely unimpressed by the loudmouthed birdies. As a true royal he sat on his tush and calmly observed the whole shabang. One of the ducks was particularly brave and strutted stately in front of us as we sat on a bench resting from a brawl with a tree (the tree won). Mulan followed the bird who in turn didn’t take his (or her, wasn’t able to check and am not a bird person so I wouldn’t know how anyway. But from the attitude I’d say it’s a her) eyes from the pup. Literally. It waggled forth while its head slowely turned more and more to make sure it kept the pup in its sight. So bummed that I didn’t get a picture! 🙁

One and a half hour later we headed towards the office, in front of which the yearly spring fair was being set up. So soon it will be all day, every day: ‘Allé Allé!! Roulez! Roulez!!’. Not on our agenda but my pup will have experienced it up close and personal! *beams*

So.. at the office:

completely whiped out under the missus’ desk.


couldn’t get him from under that desk with sticks! poor thing 🙂

Then it was back home to start the process of claiming it as his home.

A little play:

mulan11 mulan7 mulan8 mulan9 mulan10

A little sleep:

mulan13 mulan12

and then to the closed area where he could run free:

mulanweide4 mulanweide1 mulanweide2 mulanweide3

losloopweide 2 video, take note: put the sound way low because I haven’t figured out how to edit that stuff yet 🙂

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  • March 21, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    He looks adorable! 😀


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