The rest of week 1

On Saturday we visited a niece and Mulan settled right in. He was, as usual, greated with a whole lot of oooooh’s and aaaaaaaaaah’s and cuddles all around (this will be forbidden soon and they all know it) and he settled down and made thankfull use of the little back garden. My niece’s daughter and her granddaughter were visiting and while the first was extatic about the puppy the little girl wasn’t all too sure what to make of this jump-in-field enthusiastic pup.

The White Prince is crazy about just about anyone but kids the most. And the little Lady thought that busy fuss was not that much fun. At the end though, with a little help from yours truly, she managed to muster up the courage to stroke the little Mulan. Nice Myst! :d


Sunday, marketday! And market is on my to do list so let’s go. First an attempt to visit my Aunt and Godfather but that wasn’t to the liking of the local Malteze and so we left again since the Malteze is too old to change his ways and it’s best to avoid stress for both the animals and the owners. There will be enough opportunities where other, older dogs will teach him to be a bit calmer around them.

So, market! We were there a full three minutes! What an achievement 🙂 With a little poo on the sidewalk, which was cleaned up promptly of course, the overwhelming experience was complete. Another small and calm strole alongside the market booths back to the car and off we went. A good experience but definately one that needs to be worked out more.

Off we went to the Watersportbaan. This is a canal linked to a recreational domain that is used a lot by rowers. Part of it has been made in to a dog swimming area with a small meadow where they can run off leash. But once we got there there was a woman with a German Shephard who ‘attacks white dogs’. I didn’t feel like getting in to a fight with the carnavalwoman so I made an extension on his leash and we went to play at the side of the canal instead. There was a nice man with his dog and Mulan got to practice his good manners and play with an older dog with lots of curls.

After a day full of impressions and excitement we went back home for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Monday was a normal day without too much fuss. Nice walks around the area, practicing the commands while playing and for the rest just being ‘dog’.

mulan18 mulan14 mulan15 mulan16 mulan17

On tuesday I visited another cousin and nephew and the little Mulan gets a whole new set of impressions to deal with.
First there was my nephew’s garage with all its smells and noises, but as usual the White Prince is totally ok with everything and not the least bit impressed.
Seeking out cuddles and sniffing about, sure. But scared? ….. please!

mulangarage mulangarage2

And secondly there was the Border Collie Lady and the Perokeet Princess from my niece and her daughter.
Here Mulan met a lady (the Border Collie) who knows how to assert herself. The little imp knew exactly how to behave after a few warnings from Mrs Collie and he stayed at a respectful distance and watched calmly when I played ball with the Border Collie. Nice Mulan!

The Perokeet was set loose in the house and as usual, Sir had seen it and was utterly unimpresed. Only when the bird flew a bit lower did he look up to see what all the fuss was about but that’s it. I was a very proud trainer then! 😀

annieparkiet2   annieparkiet

Wednesday, visiting Hachiko!

I had to go to a meeting and it would have takent oo long to leave him in his bench so Hachiko had allowed him to come there for the afternoon. I arrive at the meeting and discover it was canceld. Typical…. But alright, turning a setback in to a positive I took advantage of the situation to do some much needed grocery shopping.

Thursday, Course day!

Today is course day and this morning we went back to the office to introduce him to the sensation of being stuck and not being able to follow me everywhere. After a few nag-moments he laid down and promptly fell asleep.


mulanEB02-3 mulanEB02-4

What a week. Despite the fact that this pup is the easiest pup on the planet and despite the fact that I need to get up more to pee than he does, I’m still exhausted. I also always keep in mind that I will have to give him back in order to brace myself. Not sure what that’s going to give but it won’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

I have to say that I understand mothers a whole lot better now. Eventhough you are extatic with your new imp, the impact of the change in your life can be so big that it takes a while before you can fully enjoy it. Don’t missunderstand me, I wouldn’t want to miss it. But some reality checking must be upheld as with everything else this too needs a period of adjustment. I’m holding on to my heart as I’ll have to do the reverse exercise in 1,5 year. Hopefully my friends will be ready for I will need them!


At the time I’ve written this translation the course is behind us. It was a disaster and I suck canon bullets. Everything went well till we arrived at the location. Suddenly Mulan developped diarhea and on top of that he didn’t pay any attention to me at all the entire course. Everything he had done to perfection was gone. I didn’t know where to turn from worry and was myself also quite overwhelmed to be honest by the chaos and mayhem that awaited us. Not a very good start to be sure and it ended in a very emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully things will improve but whatever happens I at least can be certain that the Hachiko folks will do what’s necessary. Even if that means they need to remove me as a trainer.

I leave you with a food for thought: how does one gain confidence on command? I never understood how that worked.

2 thoughts on “The rest of week 1

  • March 22, 2014 at 9:21 am

    does that really work? It never does with me, it just makes me feel less confident since I know it’s fake. I’m not good at faking anything, least of all these things. To me it’s like commanding someone to have a talent. You can’t pretend that….

  • March 22, 2014 at 1:37 am

    Fake it ’til you make it? That’s how you gain confidence. If you fake confidence, pretty soon you’ll feel and appear genuinely confident. At least, that’s the theory.


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